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15-21 November 2014


Speaking out on languages

Language teachers should be a "thorn in the side of British insularity", according to a co-director of the Prince's Teaching Institute. Headteacher Bernice McCabe was speaking at one of the institute's language courses.


Teach for Africa

Teach First-style schemes attracting highflying graduates to the classroom are set to spread across Africa. Teach For America founder Wendy Kopp said discussions were under way in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.


Pervasive problem

National Anti-Bullying Week kicked off with a poll revealing that 84 per cent of teachers and support staff believe bullying is a problem in their schools - and 42 per cent feel ill-equipped to deal with it.


Food fight

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health warned of "serious consequences" if more wasn't done to protect young people. It suggested banning advertisements for unhealthy foods before 9pm as a start.


Piano Man

Only the good die young, but the best - like Billy Joel - get a Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. No news has come in on whether his win helped the singer to impress an uptown girl, however.


False hopes

"Miss, the dog ate it" didn't cut it at the World's Biggest Liar Competition in Cumbria. The event is held annually in honour of 19th-century publican and tall-tale-teller Will Ritson.


Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag.

Hail each of your students - and get them to do the same. It's World Hello Day, when people are encouraged to greet 10 others to promote the belief that conflicts should be resolved through dialogue, not conflict.

22-28 November 2014


Heavenly music

Get your glockenspiels out for St Cecilia's day. The patron saint of musicians has inspired several pop songs, including Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel, which was later covered by Suggs from Madness.


Saving grace

The Church of England is due to launch an initiative to increase children's financial awareness. Under the scheme, primary school pupils will have the chance to join "savings clubs" run by credit unions.


Now you're tolkien

Fans of the Lord of the Rings films can pick up Aragorn's sword (not a euphemism) or Saruman's staff (also not a euphemism) at a Bonhams auction. But you'll need Smaug-like riches: estimates start at pound;62,500..


Care and the community

Ofsted's principal officer of social care, Anji Parker, is set to speak at the Westminster Education Forum on improving child protection in the UK by encouraging professionals to co-operate more closely.


Female agenda

The Girls' Schools Association's annual conference in London finishes today. Speakers will include Dr Frances Saunders, president of the Institute of Physics, and child psychologist Professor Tanya Byron.


Talking turkey

Candied yams and cranberry sauce at the ready - it's the annual celebration of Thanksgiving. The US national holiday commemorates a meal shared by early European settlers and Native Americans.


Ladies' first

It's 95 years since the first woman to sit as an MP was elected. Viscountess Nancy Astor won her husband's former seat in a by-election after he inherited a place in the House of Lords.

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