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Isn't there an app for that?

Carla Rinaldi, president of Reggio Children, the global Slow Education movement, called for greater reflection. Children's reliance on technology meant they failed to develop their imaginations and creativity, she said.


'Do what I mean, not what I say'

A sad day for fans of The Simpsons: Marcia Wallace, voice of Bart Simpson's wisecracking teacher Edna Krabappel, died aged 70. Producers will "retire" the character, calling Wallace "irreplaceable".


Hour of knead

Maths and English won't make you happy but baking bread might: the Real Bread Campaign found that 87 per cent of people with mental health and other issues said that it cheered them up.


Instant karma

An "iconic three-bedroom terrace ... in need of some modernisation": this was how auctioneers described the first home of Beatles frontman John Lennon as the Liverpool house went under the hammer.


Iron ladies

The Thatcher Room at Portcullis House, London, was an apt venue for a Science and Technology Select Committee hearing on how to get women into science and technology careers.


Look after the pennies

Don't smash that piggy bank, you've a long way to go yet. It was annual World Savings Day, designed to encourage people to save money in a bank rather than stuff it all in their mattresses.


Hair today, gone tomorrow

Bad news for razor manufacturers and girlfriends: annual moustache-fest Movember starts today, when men grow upper-lip adornments in aid of research into prostate and other male cancers.



And so it begins ...

Halloween is over - now the spectre of Christmas is looming. Luxury department store Harrods' annual festive parade, which will also mark the opening of Santa's grotto, takes place in London today.


The dark is rising

Thousands of tourists will descend on Uganda to see a solar eclipse expected to be at its best in the region. The celestial event is also due to be visible from North America, southern Europe and Africa.


Meat, drink and be merry

Always a culinary highlight, it's the 16th annual British Sausage Week. Not that the "banger" needs promoting: the sector is worth more than #163;700 million a year in the UK alone, according to industry figures.


Sparks will fly

Talking of sausages, Brits might need a few on Guy Fawkes Night. Bonfires and fireworks are lit to commemorate the Gunpowder Plot, a foiled conspiracy to blow up King James I and his Parliament in 1605.


Epic lolz

Knock, knock, it's the start of the New York Comedy Festival, in venues across the city. Diminutive former shoe salesman Kevin Hart, who was born to a cocaine-addict father, promises to be a highlight.


Yes, madame president?

On this day in 2000, Hillary Clinton became the first First Lady to win a seat in the US Senate. The question now is: will she run for president in 2016? And can she win?


No soggy bottoms here

One for all you home economics teachers: legendary television cook Mary Berry will be the prime draw at the Cake International show in Birmingham, UK. The event will include displays of college students' work.

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