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Thought for the day

Ten million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts celebrated World Thinking Day. The focus for this year's fundraising and activities was "achieving universal primary education". It's not all campfires and marshmallows.


Letter of the law

On this day in 1739, a man going by the name John Palmer was identified as notorious highwayman Dick Turpin by his former teacher. The schoolmaster recognised Turpin's handwriting on a letter at the post office.


Teaching and earning

The Center for Universal Education in Washington, US, held a debate on how to pay for education around the world. Bigwigs pondered how research and policy can improve matters.


Hungary remembers

Schools in Hungary commemorated the annual Memorial Day for the Victims of the Communist Dictatorships. Around 600,000 Hungarians were deported to Soviet labour camps after the Second World War.


Worrying figures

As the number of overweight schoolchildren spirals in the UK, the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre was due to release its statistics on obesity, exercise and diet. Grim reading was expected.


What are you drinking?

Should you feel guilty about your mid-morning coffee? Oxfam updated its Scorecard report on how big food and drink companies are improving their treatment of workers and their land and water use.


On your bike

Expect a Lycra explosion as more than 250,000 children from across the UK take part in The Big Pedal, a three-week cycle race. It's organised to encourage more children to take up the sport.

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Cymru carousing

Dydd Dwyl Dewi hapus! Or, for those who don't speak Welsh, happy St David's Day. The patron saint's day will be marked in Wales with parades and school concerts. Leeks and daffodils will surely abound.


And the Oscar goes to ...

Tinseltown will take to the red carpet for the annual Academy Awards, celebrating the best in film achievement over the past year. Space drama Gravity and biopic 12 Years a Slave are hotly tipped for Oscars.


Pipe dreams

"I am now going to unblock Mrs Biggin's U-bend #plumbingisfun." During National Apprenticeship Week in England, trainees will use social media to paint a picture of their working days.


Bring on the batter

Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day - whatever you call it, today's the day to whip out your frying pan and show off your tossing skills. Expect your school to call a pancake race across the playing field.


What a dope

Today is the 26th anniversary of Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson's ban from athletics. The Canadian set a world record for the 100m at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, but was stripped of his medal for drug use.


Fancy dress to impress

Children in the UK will head into school dressed as their favourite literary characters, in celebration of the 17th annual World Book Day. Expect plenty of Harry Potters - maybe even a Voldemort.


Citizens of the world

We Day, a movement designed to encourage student participation in citizenship, will take place in Canada, the US and the UK. Activist Malala Yousafzai will be streamed live on TES Connect.

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