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This week - 15-21 September 2012


Suitcases gather dust

Figures suggested that the number of students packing their bags and heading off to university this year is down by 12 per cent compared with last year. Worries about increased tuition fees have been blamed.


Examination revolution

Goodbye modules, hello high-stakes, three-hour exams. Details emerged of the new "Gove level" designed to replace GCSEs. The first new exams in English, maths and science are scheduled to be sat in 2017.


Airborne endeavour

The anniversary of the first day of Operation Market Garden in 1944, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery's failed attempt to invade Germany through Holland. At the time it was the largest ever airborne operation.


Spotlight on sex

Bananas out, class, it's time for some hard facts. Sexual Health Week, run by the Family Planning Association, is taking place, highlighting issues around contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.


Get them while you can

Ofsted published a report on schools entering children early for GCSEs. Not going to be a problem for much longer if Mr Gove gets his way over the return of end-of-course exams.


Judgement day for primary

Another day, another set of results: primary schools saw how their classes had performed in the key stage 2 tests. And how did pupils do with teachers marking the writing test for the first time?


Rocking the boat

It's a bit late for many, but a report from the Sutton Trust found that better trained nursery teachers could improve school performance. However, parents' level of education was still the biggest factor.

NEXT WEEK - 22-28 September 2012


Lib dems get together

Brighton was set to be the centre of the political world this weekend, as the Liberal Democrat conference kicked off. Expect yellow ties and "legalise cannabis" fringe events, along with anti-Conservative jeers.


Skimmers with vim

Another week, another minority sport: the World Stone Skimming Championships take place at Easdale Island in Scotland. Perhaps the perfect moment to talk about angle, spin and velocity in science lessons.


Purple prose

Purple Ronnie greetings card creator Giles Andreae will give a talk to the annual conference of the Independent Association of Prep Schools, musing on how to "unlock joy through creativity". If only we had the time.


Put your feet up

It's National Work-Life Week, so you had better do some lesson preparation and mark some extra books tonight to make sure you're prepared for Go Home on Time Day tomorrow. No pressure.


Fasting and prayer

Time for that RE lesson: it's Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, when Jews do not eat, drink, wash or wear leather shoes. Much of the day is spent at synagogue in repentance and prayer.


Is this a pronk?

They are nonsense words, but is it a nonsense assessment? The first results of the controversial new key stage 1 phonics test are out today. But do your pupils know their "spron" from their "thape"?


Meet the authors

Tamara Drewe author and illustrator Posy Simmonds will be one of the highlights of the Children's Bookshow this year: 11 writers and illustrators will tour the country promoting children's literature from today.

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