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Tedium breeds imagination

Neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield told a conference that boredom was good for kids: letting them make their own fun boosts creativity. Parents with kids climbing the walls during half-term may disagree.


Oxford union, London, world

Careers thinktank 80,000 Hours said one-third of Oxford Union presidents who enter politics become MPs. Take Boris Johnson, whose blonde ambition took him from MP to Mayor of London to ... watch out, Dave.


Boo to regional pay

Perhaps if they shout loud enough, it won't happen. Sixty academics wrote to The Times claiming that regional pay for teachers and other public sector workers would widen geographical, economic and social divisions.


A gale of a time

Sixth-formers from Leicester High School for Girls got more than they bargained for in New York City, sheltering from Superstorm Sandy in a Times Square hotel. The school said they spent their time revising.


In for a fright

Trick or treat? It was Halloween and a night of shameless cold calling, blackmail and begging took place. Meanwhile, exams watchdog Ofqual released its report into malpractice in exam administration.


A dairy interesting topic

Could it really be time to give up cheese? Is milk murder? World Vegan Month started today, raising lots of ethical and health questions for classroom discussion. Cauliflower salad, anyone?


On it like a sonnet

It's all about the rhymes and the funky lines: Apples and Snakes, which brings poets into schools, prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary with a month of performance events around the country.


3-9 NOVEMBER 2012


Bark side of the moon

The 55th anniversary of the first dog in orbit. Laika, who was aboard the Soviet Sputnik 2 craft, nicknamed Muttnik, did not survive the journey. At least 10 more dogs have bow-wowed out in the same way.


Time to show some chutzpah

Quixotry? You can't have that. Check the dictionary. Top players will come together for the National Scrabble Championship final in London. Paul Gallen will go head to head with former champion Wale Fashina.


Hold on to your eyebrows

Our annual celebration of the most famous foiled terrorism plot will take place today. Hand me a sparkler and chuck an effigy on the fire. Light a firework at arm's length. Do fill in your risk assessments first, though.


Twists and turns

Parties in the dining hall, a celebration of traditional British grub and opportunities to taste some foreign fodder: it's National School Meals Week. Just don't mention Turkey Twizzlers.


What next for exams?

The future of exams at 16 will be debated at a Westminster Education Forum in London. Tom Goldman, the government's head of the English Baccalaureate Certificates division, speaks.


Talk about teacher training

Aficionados will be at the Universities' Council for the Education of Teachers shindig in Hinckley, Leicestershire. Everything from men in primaries to the use of Jolly Phonics resources (pictured) will be discussed.


The war to end all wars

Private school history masters were expected to flock to a conference at Wellington College in Berkshire. The event aims to demonstrate how to "prepare your school for the Great War Centenary".

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