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3-9 NOVEMBER 2012


Privileged? not a bit of it

Multimillionaire Sir Peter Lampl said senior Tories hadn't adopted his scheme to put poor children in private schools because: "They're worried it will link them with privilege and selection." Bit late to worry about that, surely?


Baby boon for scrabble champ

Young Belfast solicitor Paul Gallen, 26, won the UK Scrabble final with the 72-point word "neonates". He insisted he didn't know the meaning of some of the words he played. "It is really a game of maths," he claimed.


Practise what you preach

Former schools minister Andrew Adonis criticised the government for not taking on enough apprentices. Perhaps education secretary Michael Gove should find one to finesse his policies.


And the winner is ...

"Ninety-nine problems but Mitt ain't one," sang Obama supporter Jay-Z, somewhat confidently. From Kentucky to Hawaii, Americans went to the polls today. But would the Mitt-heads win out over the Obamistas?


Oxford bops to k-pop

"Bami omyeon shimjangi tteugeowojineun yeoja." The Oxford Union welcomed South Korean pop sensation PSY. But was the Gangnam Style singer's visit a sign of dumbing down? Not now we can all speak Korean.


Pleasure and pain

Class 4 giving you a headache? Why not pay a visit to London's Science Museum, which has launched its exhibition on pain relief? The show, called Pain Less, asks whether the eradication of pain would be a good thing.


Top tips you can count on

Just how do we get kids to add up? The National Education Trust hosts a conference on maths, featuring education minister Elizabeth Truss. The event in Norfolk will include top tips on teaching sticky concepts.


10-16 NOVEMBER 2012


Age of empires

Dusty manuscripts and exotic paintings from the Mughal Empire will go on show at the British Library in London. About 200 artefacts from the dynasty will appear in Mughal India: Art, Culture and Empire until April.


A day of remembrance

Ceremonies around the country will mark Remembrance Sunday. At Wellington College, 707 current pupils will lie still and silent for two minutes to commemorate former students lost in the Great War.


Sweet smell of success

Colleges Week focuses on employability. The Association of Colleges also wants to make young people more aware of their options. Plumbing or accountancy, young man? Or how about a career in aromatherapy?


Sucking the life and sole

Fishy goings-on at the Royal Geographical Society. A debate entitled "A Future for Fish" will tackle the problems of overfishing in the world's seas. But will swapping cod for pollack be enough to stop the rot?


Exams of tomorrow

The education secretary and the illustrious editor of TES join the star line-up at the Independent Academies Association conference in London. They will chew over the future of the exam system.


Going in for the skill

And the prize for best floor tiler goes to... The Skills Show kicks off in Birmingham and trainees will compete in the WorldSkills UK competition for awards from best reflexologist to best Afro-Caribbean hairdresser.


It's a bean bath

Pudsey Bear is back as BBC Children in Need arrives again. Teachers will be bathing in baked beans, pupils will sell cupcakes and the headmaster might just shave his head. Go on Sir, it's all for charidee.

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