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10-16 NOVEMBER 2012


Chess is king

Unfair sackings, sudden school closures and the importance of chess (of course!) were the hot topics at the annual gathering of independent school teachers run by teaching union the ATL.


Locks to offer

Philosopher, academic and owner of excellent hair A. C. Grayling plans to open a free school, The Sunday Times reported. It would be based in London, near his university, the #163;18K-a-year New College of the Humanities.


Thirst for learning

Universities are offering financial incentives to bright school leavers in a bid to fill their courses, according to The Daily Telegraph. Students can get discounted fees and help with living costs. Beer vouchers, anyone?


Labour sets out its stall

Power is a little way off, but Labour's shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg spelled out his plans for the future of education in the Caroline Benn Memorial Lecture at the House of Commons.


Mind the pay gap

Those pesky women, with their skirts and their empathy and their irritating habit of outperforming men. It was day two of the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee's inquiry into women in the workplace.


Faith schools cause a stir

Tensions were due to rise at the High Court today, as the British Humanist Association took Richmond Council to a judicial review over its decision to open two new Catholic schools.


Turning over a new leaf

Curling up with a good book used to be the obvious choice on a rainy day, but kids these days often prefer the Xbox. The Reading for Pleasure conference at the British Library aims to get children more into books.


17-23 NOVEMBER 2012


A festival of ideas

All the key players will be at the inaugural London Festival of Education. With speeches from Michaels Wilshaw and Gove, expect to see steam pouring from delegates' ears. Star TES writers also headline.


Modelling understanding

There must be a lesson or two in it: Inter Faith Week kicks off today, with the aim of increasing understanding between religions. Events include debates, discussions and clay modelling sessions.


Beating bullying

National Anti-Bullying Week starts, including competitions for schools to illustrate this year's theme, "We're better without bullying". Roadshows will show the impact of bullying on achievement.


Don't blow a fuse

Deputy children's commissioner Sue Berelowitz will examine the impact of the internet on children in a speech at London conference "Young People in the Internet Wilderness: a psychological time-bomb?"


It's a girl thing

Just don't say "jolly hockey sticks": it's the final day of the Girls' Schools Association conference. Delegates will celebrate the joys of single-sex education and debate the future of their schools.


Wattle we do with the turkey?

Stick a turkey in the oven and slice up the pumpkin pie. The US celebrates Thanksgiving, one of the few American customs that hasn't been adopted by the Brits. Shame, what with all that food.


Say hello to sir

Put down your board markers and hand the class over to a pupil: it's Takeover Day, which gets children working alongside adults and making decisions. Should there be homework today? No, thought not.

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