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THIS WEEK - 1-7 JUNE 2013


Fantasy wedding

Sean Parker, former president of Facebook and co-founder of music-sharing website Napster, got hitched to singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas in a Game of Thrones-style wedding reported to have cost US$10 million.


Football, Smash!

England looked as though they might beat Brazil in their own backyard - for about three minutes at least. But they had to settle for a 2-2 draw against a team that included the unusually nicknamed player "Hulk".


Buzz of conservation

An insect that was extinct in Britain is being given a second chance: efforts will continue to reintroduce short-haired bumblebees to Kent, it was announced. The bees were last sighted in the UK in 1988.


What's it all for?

Sugata Mitra, the man behind the Hole-in-the-Wall computer learning initiative in India, discussed whether teaching is obsolete as part of a World Innovation Summit for Education debate in Manchester, England.



Researchers claimed that the mathematical theory behind Twitter and Facebook could help scientists control diseases that threaten great apes, such as Ebola. Network analysis makes vaccination strategies more effective.


The longest day

Thousands of Allied troops landed on the beaches of northern France on this day 69 years ago as part of the D-Day landings, the start of a major offensive against the Germans called Operation Overlord.


They wanna be adored

Continuing their much-hyped comeback tour, which started last year, The Stone Roses are back in the UK for three outdoor concerts, the first of which is due to take place tonight in London's Finsbury Park.

NEXT WEEK - 8-14 JUNE 2013


Blue Planet

People all over the globe will come together to host events for World Oceans Day, which aims to raise awareness of how vital they are. This year's theme is "Together we have the power to protect the ocean".


Reign of fire

The Roman emperor Nero killed himself on this day in AD68. Nero was said to have "fiddled while Rome burned" and was a savage persecutor of Christians, even setting some on fire to serve as human torches.


She'll be there for you

Lisa Kudrow, better known as Phoebe Buffay from the endlessly repeated US sitcom Friends, is to address the Cambridge Union Society in England. But will lucky students be treated to a rendition of Smelly Cat?


Political leanings

Rotund minister Eric Pickles' popularity should soar today as the UK Parliament's House of Commons takes on the House of Lords in their annual tug of war. The event raises money for Macmillan Cancer Support.


remember her

National Anne Frank Day will be held in the UK, organised by the Anne Frank Trust. It hopes to encourage children to read Anne's diary and to educate them about history, prejudice and anti-Semitism.


Uplinking to the lexicon

The Oxford English Dictionary will reveal the latest batch of words to enter its hallowed pages. Recent newcomers include "uplink" and "podium", both as verbs, as in, "the swimmer aimed to podium". Ugh!


Start to Finnish

Finnish education researcher Pasi Sahlberg will speak at the final day of the National College for Teaching and Leadership's annual conference in England. Education secretary Michael Gove will also attend.

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