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22-28 JUNE 2013


Keeping it conservative

In the UK, free-school champion Toby Young interviewed US educationalist E. D. Hirsch for an event at The Sunday Times' Festival of Education entitled "Why socially deprived pupils need a conservative curriculum".


Down to the wire

Don't look down. Nik Wallenda, a man seemingly of questionable soundness of mind, became the first person to cross the Grand Canyon on a tightrope with no harness. The video will make your palms sweat.


They'll never take our freedom!

Many Scots will have quoted Braveheart and toasted their ancestors to mark the Battle of Bannockburn. On this day in 1314, Scotland scored a major victory in its fight for independence against England.


Remembering the king of pop

Singer Michael Jackson died four years ago today at the age of 50. He broke on to the music scene at the age of 5 with the Jackson 5, before becoming a global icon and selling millions of records.


Money talks

Chancellor George Osborne gave the UK an idea of how miserable things will be in 2015-16 by announcing further cuts in his spending review. School budgets have been protected.


Gathering no moss

Festival-goers will be shouting "gimme shelter" for reasons other than the inevitable pouring rain as sexagenarian rockers the Rolling Stones take to the stage at Glastonbury, which began today.


Will andy be handy?

The first week of Wimbledon draws to a close and a nation crosses fingers, toes and all other appendages in the hope that Andy Murray finally wins the world's best-known tennis competition. Come on, Muzza!


29 JUNE - 5 JULY 2013


Celebrating diversity

Rainbow flags will be flying across the globe today. Gay pride festivals will take place in a positive show of defiance against discrimination and violence towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.


Caught in the scramble

The World Egg Throwing Championship takes place in Swaton, Lincolnshire, England. Pairs will compete to see who can throw and catch an egg over the longest distance. Must be a yolk in there somewhere.


At the helm

Manchester United will officially unveil David Moyes (pictured) as its new manager. The determined Scot takes over at the world-famous football club after the retirement of another determined Scot, Sir Alex Ferguson.


Shedding tears of joy

Shed lovers across the UK will celebrate National Shed Week. As usual, the event will include the Shed of the Year Award, which was won last year by Woodhenge, a shed-turned-pub in Shrewsbury.


Pillow talk

She lugged her bed into a gallery, called it art and is now a multi-millionaire. Artist Tracey Emin celebrates her half-century today, 14 years after her bed was shortlisted for the Turner Prize. Happy birthday, Tracey.


There will be fireworks

The US celebrates its independence today and firework sales are likely to rocket. People across the country will mark the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, leading to freedom from British rule.


Glitz and glamour

The biggest event in the school calendar takes place today: the TES Schools Awards, held in a swanky hotel in central London. Awards will recognise the work of outstanding schools, individuals and teams.

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