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27 JULY - 2 AUGUST 2013


Reliving the glory days

Remember those heady days when everyone was doing the "Mobot" and Usain Bolt's lightning pose? The Anniversary Games in London marked one year since the Olympics. No prizes for guessing who won the 100m.


At the copa . Copacabana

Pope Francis proved he has the popular touch as millions of people gathered to see him appear on the famous Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He gave a Sunday Mass to mark World Youth Day.


It's a jungle out there

A big roar of support was in order for International Tiger Day. The annual celebration of the big cats aims to highlight the fact that their numbers have fallen from 100,000 to 3,274 in only a century.


He'll be back

Arnold "the Terminator" Schwarzenegger, 66 today, shows no sign of retiring. The former governor of California, who campaigned to improve after-school provision for vulnerable children, has a film out in the autumn.


What makes you beautiful

Just when you think you've had enough of teen band One Direction, they launch a cosmetics range. UK retailer Superdrug will sell lipsticks, cheek tints and nail polish in five shades, one for each band member.


Deer departed

Perhaps not one for the city dwellers: stag-hunting season officially started in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Men in tweed took to the countryside carrying large weapons.


Driving hard

The boys have had their turn, now it's time for the girls. The Women's British Open golf championship is taking place in St Andrews, Scotland. About 65,000 people are expected to turn out to watch the thrilling sport.


3-9 AUGUST 2013


Watch the feathers fly

Blame the silly season. Hundreds are expected to gather for the World Hen Racing Championship in Derbyshire, England. Chickens race 15m, with three minutes to cross the line. Henpecking forbidden.


Aiming for the top

Social mobility charity the Sutton Trust is taking British teenagers on a trip to visit prestigious US universities. It is hoped they will take advantage of generous bursaries and apply to Ivy League institutions.


Do you want fries with that?

If the idea of a fast-food quarter-pounder doesn't turn your stomach, this will: a pound;250,000 stem cell beefburger, grown in a lab, will be served up in London. Artificial meat could be on sale in a few years, scientists say.


Higher calling

It will be a nerve-wracking time in Scotland, as school-leavers receive their Higher exam results. Will it be Classics at Edinburgh or golf course management at St Jock's College? Open the envelope to find out!


Agent of seduction

Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, aka Mata Hari, was born on this day in 1876. The Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan was accused of spying for Germany during the First World War and was executed by firing squad in 1917.


Breaking the fast

Fireworks and feasting will mark the festival of Eid ul-Fitr, which celebrates the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Muslims will prepare lavish dinners, gather with their families and wear new clothes.


One city, two festivals

The Edinburgh International Festival starts today, offering audiences the best of classical music, dance, opera and drama. Its sister festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, features less highbrow, more comedic, delights.

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