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A welcome boost for schools

It is untrue that key stage 3 booster lessons are imposed on schools (TES, July 1).

They have been available for four years and are voluntarily taken up by a large majority of schools. Schools make their own decisions about whether to use or adapt them.

Teachers who value them use them, and their feedback has been consistently enthusiastic.

The National Association for the Teaching of English's complaint that pupils are turned off by sharp, focused revision is belied by the facts.

Most of them attend booster classes of their own free will in their own free time.

A key feature of the booster lessons is the development of pupil self-evaluation and knowledge of what is expected of them so they can think for themselves when they get into the tests.

Schools do not have to use the guidance and resources, but more did this year than ever before.

Sue Hackman National director Secondary national strategy for school improvement 1 New Century Place East Street, Reading

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