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Welcome to my world

Anna Maria Romani teaches Grade 5 at Holland Elementary School in Quebec City

Favourite place when you have time off?

I like to wander - I'm 47 and I still backpack. I'd start with breakfast on Grande Allee in Haute-Ville. There's a lovely walk to the Terasse Dufferin boardwalk. Or I'd take the ferry across the St Lawrence to Levis and walk up the hill to the main street.

Lunchtime treats?

The Bois de Coulonge or the Plains of Abraham are good picnic places. There are many good cafes. A good inexpensive place if you want to sit is Bugle, etc. on Cremazie in Montcalm.

Evening delights?

I like dancing at the Maurice night club on Grande Allee Est (

When's a good time to come?

Most of Haute Ville becomes a ground for concerts during the summer festival (July 5-15 2007, and it's a great way to discover world music. The winter carnival (February 1-17 2008, is fun too, if you don't mind the weather. There are ice-fishing ponds, and you can go snowshoeing and dog sledding on the outskirts of town.

Don't miss

I love to watch the geese migrations - they are just spectacular. Autumn is best because the weather is better.

Remember to buy

Local leather goods, maple syrup, Bain de Cleopatre bath salts. MycoAnna clothing ( for original ecological women's clothes (615 St.Vallier). The French language newspaper, Le Soleil Anna Maria Romani was talking to Renata Rubnikowicz

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