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We'll do fine without NAHT

No one wants a divorce to turn nasty, but we at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers just had to respond to the letter from David Hart of the National Association of Head Teachers ("Tragedy of a lost alliance", TES, June 24).

How recently the NAHT accepted that our social partnership (of unions and the Government) was based on give and take with each of us able to gain some but not all of our goals.

David knows that the Rewards and Incentives Group documents are carefully worded for maximum agreement. Our recent submission states no more than that we shall be having further discussions about teachers' roles, including the extent of involvement in pastoral care and the corporate life of the school. ATL believes in these but there will be a range of views.

What a pity NAHT will not be there to join in!

As for the position of heads, ATL agrees with those partners who think it is the next part of the workforce for reform. Perhaps the extended schools'

work should be undertaken by other staff.

NAHT walked out on us. The remaining partners will get on nicely without them, taking the responsibility that goes with shared influence.

Martin Johnson

Head of education policy and research, Association of Teachers and Lecturers

7 Northumberland Street London WC2

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