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Well-rounded education

A chinese nursery school is being investigated after a parent said her child was rejected because his head was not round enough.

Entrance to the Li Junjie kindergarten in Zhengzhou is only for pupils with "large heads" because, says founder Li Junjie, round-headed children are "more clever than other kids". He promises that every child at the school will be at university by the age of 15.

In its prospectus, the school says: "One of our admission tests is to check if the child's head is round enough. "A round head indicates cleverness; a student with a flat head can never be outstanding."

The school charges tuition fees of pound;7,000 a year and teaches only Chinese, English and maths.

Mr Junjie said: "For the sake of the school's reputation, I will never take in flat-headed students."

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