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1 A zoo is calling for people to adopt turkeys instead of eating them. What do turkeys say?

a Gobble

b Don't gobble

c Although I can be a handful I have a loving disposition

d I need a hug

2 Prince Charles is retiring from polo. What will he do?

a Spend more time riding with Camilla

b Adopt a turkey

c Look for something else to do

d Look for anything else at allto do

3 A pupil has offered to do chores for teachers in return for GCSE tuition.

What will she be asked to do?

a Walk the turkeys

b Feed the turkeys

c Hug the turkeys

d Write an essay empathising with the turkeys

4 A six foot four, 20 stone "scary guy" with tattoos is teaching kids to hug instead of bully. What do the kids say?

a When he says hug, I say "How hard?"

b Although I can be a handful I have a loving disposition c Somebody get this turkey off me

d Somebody get this six foot four bloke off me

5 Carol Thatcher is to appear on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. What will she have to endure?

a Mark

b Being hugged by a six foot four scary guy with tattoos

c Being hugged by a six foot four scary turkey with tattoos

d Being hugged by a handful with a loving disposition

QUIZANSWERS: 1a, 2d, 3d, 4b, 5c

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Tes Editorial

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