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Were you paying attention?

1 A pupil has been expelled from a public school for bad behaviour. His father has mounted a legal challenge, saying they have only done it to protect their league tables. What do the teachers think?

a Hurrah!

b Yippee!

c Yessss!

d I think he deserves another chance 2 According to a recent survey, ten-year-olds believe that teachers will soon be robots, or have interchangeable microchips so that they can teach all subjects. What do teachers think?

a The Department for Education and Skills is way ahead of them b Just one microchip would do nicely c No robot could ever deal with 3B on a wet Thursday afternoon d I think we deserve another chance 3 A new Royal Ballet production features a ballet teacher who murders his pupils. What do teachers think?

a This is dance imitating wishful thinking b It's great for the ballet school league tables c At least he isn't a robot d I think they deserve another chance 4 Officials in South Africa's Kruger National Park are planning to cull the elephant population. What do teachers think?

a They've been watching too much ballet b It'll be good for the park's league tables c If only, if only d I think they deserve another chance 5 The model Kate Moss has been dropped by several companies following claims of cocaine abuse. What do people in the fashion industry think?

a Help! Any one of us could be next b A robot could do it just as well c I can't believe she'll never powder her nose again d She soooo deserves another chance QUIZANSWERS:1a, b c; 2a; 3a; 4c; 5a

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