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Were you paying attention?

1 An artist has built a model city out of biscuits. Where will this end?

a We'll all be hob-nobbing with architects

b In the great dunking disaster of 2008

c City centres will be made of custard

d Prince Charles will lay lots of foundation biscuits (but only if they're Bath Olivers)

2 The Forum in Rome is falling down. What do the Italians say?

a I knew the Garibaldis were a mistake

b At least it lasted longer than the Bourbons

c Eat two, Brutus?

d It goes down nicely with an orange julius

3 PC owners are being asked to use their computers to help predict climate change. What are the implications?

a The weather will keep crashing

b Global warming will be ended by ctrl-alt-del

c If it rains a lot they'll all buy Macs instead

d They'll develop worldwide-webbed feet

4 Willie Nelson has recorded a gay cowboy song. What precedents are there?

a Gay cowboys once recorded a Willie song

b Lord Nelson and Hardy sang gay sea shanties

c Willy Loman made a gay TV advert

d Johnny Cash sang "A boy named Sue"

5 Archaeologists have discovered that Tutankhamen liked white wine. What else have they found?

a His desert vats

b His Sandeman port

c That he smoked camels

d That he liked to dunk his pyramid



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