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Were you paying attention?

1 Tony Blair has admitted that the Government won't meet the environmental commitments in its manifesto. What does this tell us?

a It was all just a lot of hot air

b A manifesto is just a cynical vote-winning exercise

c The victor gets to spoil things

d Don't trust a man who thinks the gulf stream is a kind of jet

2 A Sicilian museum has introduced a robot which can show visitors around and talk to them. What will the Sicilians do?

a Ask it a question it can't refuse

b Sell it

c Shoot it

d Marry it

3 Cheating in school exams is increasing. What do teachers say?

a It didn't happen when I was young

b Shut up and think of the league tables

c That calculator looks just like mobile phone

d That dustbin looks just like a Sicilian robot

4 A survey shows that Germans are miserable despite having lots of money and sex. What do teachers think?

a Break's your heart, doesn't it?

b One out of two would be a start

c Excuse me, I'm having a Schadenfreude moment

d Excuse me, I'm having another Schadenfreude moment

5 A smoking ban has been introduced in Scotland. What do the Scots say?

a At least I'm not German

b Ughhchaghchh!!!

c I didn't know heather smelt like that

d This will help the Government in its determination to improve the environment


1b, 2c, 3d, 4d, 5c

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