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Were you paying attention?

1 Parents have been warned that calling children naughty could damage their self-confidence. What do teachers say?

a Please, let us do it for you

b They should be sent to the differently-behaved step

c Self-confidence has a lot to answer for

d I didn't know damage could be this easy

2 The Government wants to put health warnings on all wine bottles. What is the teacher's view?

a Just one bottle of the '61 Chateau Margaux for lunch then

b But oblivion is all I have

c I think schoolchildren should have health warnings

d Glass before class is the teacher's way

3 A contestant on Mastermind scored just one point in his specialist subject. What does the audience say?

a He should be sent to the differently-knowledgeable step

b Public humiliation can seriously damage your health

c I blame the scary music

d Which part of the word "mastermind" didn't you understand?

4 The Iranian president wants a baby boom in his country to help defeat the West. But what does President George Bush have to say about it?

a Did he say "Boom"?

b Iranian parents should have health warnings

c Can I push the nice big red button now?

d What do you mean, think?

5 Fear of teenagers is growing in the UK. What do teens say?

a Get ahead, get a hood

b I am desperately lacking in self-confidence and just want to be loved

c It's only a phase

d Whatever

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