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What the !@amp;*ens!;Diary

COMPUTERS - we love 'em. Diary greetings to teacher Tricia !@amp;*inson who sounds like fun. She found herself censored when she tried to take part in an on-line discussion on the joys of new technology.

Tricia is in good company. Essex teachers were similarly Bowdlerised when they tried to discuss that well-known author Charles !@amp;*ens.

The culprit it seems is an Internet screening programme for schools, which automatically censors words that might offend the impressionable. It seems to have taken to its task a little too enthusiastically. All that and the TES's own doppleganger website dedicated to sexual deviancy. Cyberspace is a scary place.

Mercifully obscenity-free are the glitches suffered by the OCR exam board - formerly Midland Examining Group. Its new physics syllabus has perplexed teachers with a set of entirely new terms. Forget megawatts and megajoules: students now have to learn to use ocrawatts and ocrajoules.

And you thought that "search and replace" function was there to help.

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