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What the chief inspector says

* Pupils need to do better in about half of primary schools and two-fifths of secondaries.

* A good start at key stage 1 is lost at key stage 2. Primary schools should try harder to track pupils' progress.

* Higher standards should be set in literacy, more time spent on phonics.

* More mental arithmetic and discussion of number problems needed.

* Standards of achievement at key stage 3 are too low because primarysecondary liaison is often "non-existent". KS3 often taught by the least experienced teachers.

* Small minority of teachers is weak and should leave the profession.

* Poor buildings and inadequate resourcing present problems, but cannot wholly explain poor teaching.

* OFSTED to investigate maths teaching and to continue to monitor factors affecting the quality of teaching. It will publish reports on: extra curricular work and homework; in-service training; headteachers, and changes in schools following inspections. It plans to review exclusions; resources in schools; teacher appraisal; and the support offered by local education authorities.

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