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What the children say

David Gooch, 10, of Chingford Hall community primary school, Chingford, says:

"Adults are older and they get to do what they want. We have to keep asking to do stuff: if we want to go to the park or play our Game Boy.

But adults think it might be

dangerous going to the park and your eyes will turn square if you look at the Game Boy all the time."

Vicki Easterbrook, 10, also of Chingford Hall communityprimary school, says:

"We have only got 10 minutes to play outside, to eat our tuck and we should have more. Adults don't have to do much work but children have to. I don't think that's right."

Karl Widlake, 11, of Tom Hood school, Waltham Forest, says: "We have to work hard and get good results.Sometimes we feel we are working too hard but the idea is to get a good job so you can have a good life."

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