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What a Difference!

Two large, colourful posters show the same panoramic rolling landscape from above. In the first, smoke befouls the air, cars block the suburban street, and even the farmland is at the mercy of chemical pollutants. In the second, these negative features and many others have been remedied. What a Difference! is a cross-curricular resource that enables pupils at key stages 2 and 3 to consider issues of health, safety and sustainable development. Helpful teaching notes suggest many related investigations in and out of the classroom. For children, they combine learning about citizenship with all the fun of Where's Wally? What a Difference! costs pound;5.99 from Dorset Community Action, The Barracks, Bridport Road, Dorchester DT1 1YG. Tel: 01305 250921; fax: 01305 216420; email:

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