What do contributors to the TES online staffroom think about the quality of school dinners?

Freespirit77: "Our canteen food, it is all pretty unhealthy. When I do canteen duty, all I ever see is them eating chips and hamburgers that look as though someone has sat on them."

seren_dipity: "The reason I survive any stay in hospital is because I was brought up on school dinners. To this day I love 'proper' school dinner food -was thrilled to get braised sausage, mash and soggy cabbage followed by unidentifiable fruit sponge and custard last week in hospital! I remember when we had to say grace before our school lunch and couldn't go out to play until we'd finished it. Happy days!"

rustybug: "Our canteen smells like boiled rancid lard."

Nomad: "I eat a school meal each day. It gives me an opportunity to spend time with the pupils in an informal setting, and get to know those pupils I don't already teach. I also feel that the headteacher's presence in the dining hall contributes to good discipline.The quality of the meals is, I believe, very good. Our caterers seem to be ahead of the legislation and the portions are generous. I do wish, though, that schools had some control over the content of the pupils' packed lunches. There seems little point in banning chocolate and packets of crisps if this does not apply to ALL pupils who eat their lunch at school."

Celticqueen: "I eat with the pupils. I look at pupil x with packed lunch and would like to lynch his mum."


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