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What Governors should expect from headteachers

Headteachers are under a contractual duty to assist their governing bodies to fulfil their strategic role, the new Department for Education Guidance on Good Governance points out.

Published by the DFEE in response to calls from the National Association of Head Teachers and governor trainers for a clearer definition of governors' roles, the booklet also says governors have a right to expect heads to make themselves accountable. Governing bodies can ask heads for reports on any aspect of the work of the school. And headteachers should make termly written reports to the governors on: * issues that need discussion;

* decisions governors need to take;

* updates on the management of the school;

* progress towards development plan objectives;

* information on pupil and staff achievements;

* expenditure of the school budget.

Guidance on Good Governance is obtainable free from DFEE publications Centre, PO Box 6927, London E3 3NZ.

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