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What the Labour delegates say

Marie Jockins, a contract cleaner from Liverpool, particularly welcomed plans to offer all three-year-olds a nursery place: "This will make a real difference to young girls and single parents looking for work - they really need it."

Councillor Anthony McKeown, from High Peak in Derbyshire, and a school governor, said: "Staff in my school are concerned about performance-related pay but this was not mentioned.

Aside from that it was very optimistic. I was pleased to see support for New Deal and the extension of Sure Start. Locally we have little nursery provision and the expansion of places will hopefully give more chances to local children."

Bob Butler, a former secondary and further education teacher, said: "Teachers are still saying there's too much bureaucracy but also now that there are more positive things coming from this Government, such as repairs to buildings, improved funding, and giving money direct to schools. I wouldn't suggest all the money g direct to schools - local authorities still have a role to play."

Councillor Gurbakhsh Garcha, of Lewisham, London, said: "I wanted to hear something from Tony Blair about a reduction in selection. If education, education, education is to mean anything, they must do something about that.

"We won't get inner-city children from low-income families achieving their potential unless they get the same opportunities selective pupils do."

Andrew James, of Rossendale and Darwen constituency party, and a school governor, said: "David Blunkett showed the British people have a choice between a Labour goverment committed to investment in our education system or a Conservative party that has plans to cut pound;60 billion from public spending - education is not safe in their hands.

"As a governor, I'm concerned about having an education system that appreciates the value of well-qualified, well-motivated teachers. He understands the concern of our teachers."

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