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What the market has to offer;The ILS Debate

Information in this table is from Becta's 'Integrated Learning Systems - A Guide to Good Practice' and system suppliers.

System: The Academy of Reading. Supplier: TAG Developments. Format: PCApple Mac. Price: pound;1,250 (single); pound;3,750 (10 users) includes training What it offers: Developed in Canada, it is an interactive multimedia reading program for users aged 4 to adult. Covers basic and high reading skills and includes a diagnostic testing system which analyses user's skills. Contact: 01474 537886.

System: Interactive Maths. Supplier: Tag Developments. Format: PC. Price: 1-9 units pound;1,300, other units pound;695-pound;950. Training extra What it offers: An interactive maths course covering 26 topics, which are divided into lessons. Designed for key stage 4 to adult users and covers basic skills, key skills, GCSE, GNVQ and A-Level. Contact: 01474 537886.

System: RM Maths Learning System. Supplier: RM. Format: PC. Price: On a per licence basis. What it offers: Developed by RM for Years 1 to 6, it covers 16 maths topics, 1,500 skills and offers more than 10,000 activities. With full audio support and a graphical reporting system. Contact: 01235 826000.

System: SuccessMaker. Supplier: RM. Format: PCApple Mac. Price: Variable. What it offers: The best-selling ILS, originally developed in the US. Covers maths, English and spelling for Years 1-9 and also some courses for Year 12. Progress linked to the national curriculum and literacy and numeracy targets. Contact: 01235 826000.

System: Global Resources. Supplier: SIR. Format: PC. Price: pound;250-pound;2,495. What it offers: Described as an open integrated learning system (OILS) for maths, English, foreign languages and science. Designed to be integrated with a variety of resources, such as the Internet and paper-based materials. Offers a selection of management systems for tracking pupil progress. Contact: 01773 820011. System: Plato. Supplier: TRO Learning (UK). Format: PC. Price: Variable. What it offers: An OILS product that is modular - TRO says this lets the teacher keep control. Has more than 2,000 hours of courseware covering maths, science, communications, technology and life skills for key stages 1-4, A-Level and GVNQ. Contact: 01753 799111.

System: Tomorrow's Promise. Supplier: Longman Logotron. Format: PC and Apple Mac. Price: Around pound;100 per level per user. What it offers: Originally developed by the US company Jostens. Can be used as an open or closed ILS covering numeracy and literacy for key stages 1-3. A national curriculum assessment test (NCAT) diagnoses user's performance. Contact: 01223 425558.

System: ScanTEK 2000. Supplier: LJ Technical Systems. Format: PC. Price: Variable. What it offers: A modular ILS covering a variety of design and technology topics, including electronics, communications and CADCAM. Many cross-curricular links and designed for primary and secondary school users. A pre-test system assesses user's ability. Assignments for PC, print, video research and practical work. Contact: 01603 748001.

System: SkillsBank 4. Supplier: Ablac. Format: PC and Apple Mac. Price: pound;79 per module single user to pound;1,900 for 30 users, all modules What it offers: Hundreds of lessons covering English, maths, information and thinking skills for key stage 4 and adult learners. Uses multimedia and generates student worksheets. Contact: 01626 332233. System: CornerStone. Supplier: Ablac. Format: PC and Apple Mac. Price: pound;99 per single user per module to pound;2,300 all modules What it offers: A modular ILS for literacy and numeracy at key stages 3 and 4. Teachers can customise lessons. Uses a five-step approach from warm-up materials to worksheets for additional practice. Contact: 01626 332233. System: Future School. Supplier: Future School. Format: PC. Price: Typically pound;500-pound;700 per user What it offers: Not strictly an ILS, although some have described it as 'an ILS on steroids'. Designed for both primary and secondary users (up to A-Level), it is a computer-aided teaching and learning system developed in Australia. Currently offers maths and English lessons. Multimedia lessons with full-motion video. System checks pupil's progress and prepares the next lesson. At the end of a lesson, the user completes a worksheet, which is marked by the computer. A computer management system enables the teacher to track progress. Contact: 0181 658 5858

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