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A STONE'S throw from Islington Town Hall, parents outside William Tyndale primary school are less than enthusiastic about Cambridge Education Associates' involvement.

HOWARD REID crosses the border from Hackney to send his daughter Maya, 8, to the school. "I feel the administration of education services should be done with the participation of the local community, with the council running things. I don't think it is right that people should be doing it for a profit."

ZAHRA NAQVI, whose five-year-old son Ryan is a Tyndale pupil, said: "However things are run, there should be some way of involving the parents. There should be some way of complaining as a parent if things are going wrong and if a business takes things over they have to make sure we are heard."

MARK CAIRNS has three children at the school: Louis, ten, Charlie, eight, and Oliver, five.

He said: "I think this school is very well run but the problem in Islington is with the secondary side. I suppose I'm a bit old-fashioned but I think the old Inner London Education Authority should be running the schools.

"Education is such an important public service that this sort of change makes me uneasy. But I have got to the point where I have given up on any ideological objections I used to have. I suppose what is important is what is practical and what works."

LESLEY CAMPBELL has her two children, Aidan, eight, and Ashley, five, at the school. She said: "I don't think schools should be run for profit. If there's going to be a profit it should go back into schools."

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