What the rewards and incentives group wants

The recommendations include:

* Pay progression: decisions for all teachers to be linked to a new system for performance management to end inconsistencies in appraisal (England only). Will not affect current automatic pay rises on the main pay-scale.

* Part-time teachers: a new standardised method of calculating pay which is expected to benefit most part-timers in England and Wales, worth an extra pound;40 million. l Excellent teachers: national criteria to help schools to determine which spot within the range to pay for experienced teachers.

Schools will have to find the cash for such funding from their own budgets in Wales.

* Maths and science teachers: schools need encouragement to make better use of existing schemes and salary flexibility aimed at attracting more of these specialists.

* Special educational needs teachers: complete review needed of the system of allowances for teachers working with SEN pupils both in mainstream and special schools.

* Teachers' professional duties: a list should remain part of the school teachers' pay and conditions document, but be revised.

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