What should be Tory priorities on schools?

"We need to give teachers a freer hand and allow them to go further than just ticking the boxes that the Government sets." Henry Nelless, 29,a business development manager from Wimbledon, London.

"If local people want to bring grammar schools back, it should be up to them. There shouldn't be a national policy." Don Collier, 50, an IT consultant from Poole, Dorset.

"I want to see streaming because if pupils are given education geared to their abilities then the bright children can be stretched and the not so bright will not get left behind." Adele Douglas, 20, student from Manchester.

"Local authorities should be given more powers to intervene with parents if they are not dealing with their pupils behaviour." Stuart Penketh, 24, a geologist from Bury.

"Something needs to be done about pupils like autistic children going to mainstream schools and holding the bright ones up. All the money goes to special needs pupils. It is a crime."

Fay Foster, 69, retired journalist from Haslemere, Surrey.

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