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What they had to say

* "The focus should be on continuing enhancement of professional skills rather than initial entry qualifications or formalities of 'registered'

status." - Association of Scottish Colleges

* "All lecturers in the FE sector should be registered with the General Teaching Council." - GTC

* "A professional body . . . would give students a level of confidence in standards across the sector." - National Union of Students Scotland

* "Colleges themselves are best placed to take decisions on staff development, and we would give significant weight to the views of college managers on these issues." - Scottish Further Education Funding Council

* "Structures already exist for the professional development of college staff who teach or support learning and they work well. It is vital to avoid inadvertently introducing new barriers to the recruitment, retention and professional advancement of staff." - Scottish Further Education Unit.

* "There is a need for a common framework for the recognition of the qualifications of teachers and lecturers . . . The STUC would favour strengthening the capacity of the GTC to ensure it would function as the professional body for both schoolteachers and FE lecturers." - STUC

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