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What they said...

"If I were pressed to define playful learning I might find it easier to talk about what it is not. Playful learning is almost certainly, not certain."

Rod Parker-Rees, University of Plymouth.

"The outcome of mentoring in Homer's epic is political, military and sexual domination. The myth of kindly nurture and self-sacrificing devotion, whether by Mentor or Athene, is a modern creation, contrasting starkly with the brutal processes of the ancient myth."

Hellen Colley, Institute of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University

"Secondaries saw hemselves as a very important planet around which smaller moons, called primary schools, orbited and annually they received parties of young aliens who had to be taught the ways of the real world by the real, expert teachers. (Since the introduction of the literacy strategy) these big secondary planets are in shock. They find the aliens alarmingly knowledgeable and their teachers challengingly expert."

Andrew Goodwyn and Kate Findlay, University of Reading

The full text of some of the BERA papers is on the web at

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