What the threpis all that about?

September, and the torture of the English language resumes in the nation's schools, courtesy of the pre-term Inset days used by heads everywhere to, er, motivate staff.

So, "edu-babble" most frequently used this week, according to tickveegee on the TES website was: achieving potential, personalised learning, and focus on teaching and learning.

Joining the fray, Applecrumble contributes, "think outside the box, assessment for learning, targets targets targetsIsef sef sefISIP SIP SIP."

Random 178, disappointed that PANDA is "sooo last year" contributes RAISE online and "drilling down" to each child. And then the favourites come fast and thick: review our achievements, collate evidence of learning, rack up our targets, highlight G and T, provision mapping, threp, and - Diary's current favourite: "don't take our eyes off the middle ground".

Or as Lardylegs interprets it: "Make the thick kids clever, keep the clever kids occupied, and don't forget to teach the average ones while you're at it. Oh, and write everything down on at least three different forms."

At least it's not just us: Aussie contributor JWalker says familiar jargon (contextual, embedded, key stakeholders) is alive and well Down Under. But she adds one glorious homegrown version which deserves to take root here:

"You should be able to explain anything at all in the time it takes to drink a glass of wine at a BBQ!"

More examples, anyone? The Diary will provide a bottle of wine for the best -and also, to anyone who can explain what a threp is.

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