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What the trainees think

Support How useful is the support offered?

School mentors? %

Invaluable 31

Very useful 31

Quite useful 25

Not particularly useful 8

Unhelpful 0

School staff?

Invaluable 25

Very useful 25

Quite useful 47

Not particularly useful 1

Unhelpful 0

University or college?

Invaluable 10

Very useful 28

Quite useful 39

Not particularly useful 24

Unhelpful 0

Other ITT students? %

Invaluable 15

Very useful 36

Quite useful 29

Not particularly useful 17

Unhelpful 0


How are you handling the workload?

No problems. Workload is 10

not an issue

No problems. I am on 25

top of the work.

It's hard work, but I am 46


It's hard work, sometimes 14

I feel under pressure.

There's too much to do, 1

I feel very pressured.


Are you more or less likely to go into teaching since the start of your training year?

More likely 28

Less likely 3

No change 69

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