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What we really, really, really want

I have just finished reading The TES of November 7 and, as a current postgraduate certificate in education student at Roehampton Institute, I felt compelled to write and voice my anger and irritation regarding the plethora of negative teaching articles in it.

There were seven articles that portrayed teaching as a vocation with gloom and doom, stating countless times why the Government's new recruitment initiative won't attract graduates and quoting those who have chosen not to go into the profession. May I suggest, as a "good" quality graduate from Bristol University, that the negativity might be somewhat counteracted by some positive articles with quotes by those of us who have chosen the profession and feel loyal to it?

As The TES is read avidly by myself and other trainee teachers, do you not feel that you are perpetuating the negative public opinion in your own coverage, and infuriating those who still wanting to uphold the profession?

The effort to raise the positive profile of teaching cannot come from the Government alone - the influence of papers such as The TES is fundamental. What the press needs is some positive rebellion by young, enthusiastic and strong supporters of the profession against all of the moaning and complaints. You don't need the Spice Girls to endorse education, just a little lip-service to the "bright, young graduates" who can shout proudly about teaching as a career, would be a start.


PGCE student

8B Blakesley Avenue


London W5

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