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What the worldwide web can offer

* govprimes Delve into the lives of Britain's prime ministers from 1721, and read blow-by-blow accounts of critical world events during each ministry.

* www.parliament.ukparliamentguidegenelec.htm A searchable introduction to Parliament. One section is devoted to general elections and there is a host of facts on Westminster and the party system.

* The Parliamentary Education Unit's site introduces pupils to the history, traditions and structure of Parliament. Many interesting snippets like the fact that the Ayrton Light at the top of Big Ben is lit whenever either house is sitting at night.

* A resource-rich site offering constituency profiles, and news from the Commons, Lords, the Scottish Parliament and the Northern Ireland and Welsh Assemblies.

* Set up by Operation Black Vote, there are biographies of black parliamentary candidates, details of road shows and general information on British politics.

* A brand new - and still incomplete - site providing election information for schools, plus ideas for "political" assemblies, and links to more established sites.

* www.learn.o.ukyvotedefault.htm Want to set up a mock election in your school? The Hansard Society is working with the Guardian's to show you how to: pick your party, run debates, and organise lessons.

* Mori, the polling organisation, has the results of its latest opinion poll conducted for The Times.

* The source of all knowledge, the Number 10 website is packed with useful resources and information about Parliament and the Government. There is even a "10 out of 10" children's section where students can leave questions for MPs.

* Has a section for young people and teachers and you can download "A Teacher's Guide to the Scottish Parliament".

* A young person's guide to the Welsh Assembly and its members divided into primary and secondary sections. Children are invited to air their views and make suggestions during live chats with an assembly member. * The Northern Ireland Assembly site allows you to tune in to live debates. Not a lot for schools though.

Maureen McTaggart

More information on web-based election resources can be found at election

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