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What would your first choice be?;Letter

IT IS easy to understand the conflict of ideology and practical family needs that have surfaced over Tony Blair's decision to take a family holiday during term-time.

Schools would generally follow the official line that it is not wise to encourage family holidays that impinge on a child's education. However, anyone with a family will understand that the economic advantages of taking a foreign holiday during term-time are enormous.

Teachers will be the first to appreciate that they always have to take their family holidays when tour operators charge the highest prices. We will have to accept that while all schools take holidays at the same time the travel industry will demand the highest prices.

And in these circumstances which is the more important - two weeks together as a family or two weeks of the national curriculum? A very personal choice.

Mark Jeffery Headteacher Walton on the Hill primary school Tadworth, Surrey The Christmas holidays are too short after such a long and gruelling term.

Mr Blair has the right idea. Let's all follow suit, or ask Mr Blunkett to make holidays longer.

Philip Colls 8 Pitt Street, Gloucester

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