What's the difference now?

A then and now comparison between school life for Victorian children and today is the focus of a film-making project in an East Renfrewshire village.

P6 children at Busby Primary have been exploring the differences in discipline, school uniforms and playground games in the history DVD project.

The idea came about in response to a local project by Busby Historical Society, which has been making a film about the history of the East Renfrewshire village. Using old cine film archives, together with modern shots and footage, the documentary explores the changes that have taken place.

The project grew out of a social subjects topic on the Victorians, but evolved to address many areas of the curriculum. The children were shocked to hear about the punishments their predecessors would have been dealt. One long-serving teacher brought an old tawse into school and the children learned about the cane and how a Victorian child would be made to sit on a high stool in the corner wearing a dunce's cap.

The 33 pupils learned playground games including hopscotch, playing with hoops, singing and skipping - many of which they have continued to play at break times since they enjoyed them so much.

The project has fulfilled 5-14 environmental studies learning outcomes and has also been central to the school's approach to A Curriculum for Excellence.

"The project has allowed us really to develop the children under the four capacities, as well as follow the principles of depth and personalisation and choice," says Michael Roach, headteacher.

* P6 actors, writers, directors and producers will be guests at the film's launch at Eastwood Park Theatre, Giffnock, in June

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