What's hot?

If you were a car, what would you look like? The answer is to be found in this week's pick of resources from the TES website, alongside anger management, salt solutions, Abstract Expressionism and exploring The Simpsons. Grab a map and get going.

1 Bowled over

What is it? A fish-themed number game

Who is it for? 3-7s

Why is it hot? The colourful fish, which must be placed in a bowl and matched with the right number, are instantly appealing.


2 Assess yourself

What is it? Self-assessment checklists for English

Who is it for? 5-7s

Why is it hot? Simple, clear tables make the process easier.


3 Deal me in

What is it? A set of French lessons on physical appearance

Who is it for? 7-11s

Why is it hot? It includes a game based on the television game show Deal or No Deal.


4 Thinking time

What is it? Dozens of speaking and listening cards for English lessons

Who is it for? 7-11s

Why is it hot? Spark classroom discussions with the striking images on these cards.


5 Lost in Springfield

What is it? Maths worksheets on compass points, based around the television show The Simpsons

Who is it for? 7-14s

Why is it hot? Students guide Marge, Homer, Bart et al around their home town of Springfield.


6 Seeing red

What is it? A pack on dealing with anger

Who is it for? 10-15s

Why is it hot? These approachable worksheets help students explore their emotions.


7 Apt adjectives

What is it? A lesson on adjectives and descriptions

Who is it for? 13-16s

Why is it hot? Lend a playful note to teaching adjectives with questions such as "If these cars were people, what would they look like?"


8 Is life fair?

What is it? A lesson about guilt and fairness

Who is it for? 11-16s

Why is it hot? This resource asks what is fair and unfair, and includes a sobering message from prisoners and the police.


9 Salt solutions

What is it? A chemistry worksheet about different salts

Who is it for? 14-16s

Why is it hot? A short and simple approach to the topic.


10 In the abstract

What is it? An art and design lesson on Abstract Expressionism

Who is it for? 11-15s

Why is it hot? This PowerPoint gives a colourful introduction to the artistic movement.


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