What's hot?

History features prominently in this week's pick of the resources available on TES Connect, which shed light on the suffragettes, the Aztecs and ancient Greek philosophers. Then a Commonwealth Games activity will bring you bang up to date

1. Elmer at the helm

What is it? An elephant-themed maths activity in which children sort the animals according to size and colour

Who is it for? 3-5s

Why is it hot? It links to the popular picture book series Elmer the Patchwork Elephant.

2. Assess success

What is it? An assessment of level 1 maths skills

Who is it for? 5-7s

Why is it hot? Engaging, colourful images encourage students to remain on task.

3. Wild cards

What is it? Cards that set writing tasks such as describing a picture using adjectives or comparing two characters

Who is it for? 5-7s

Why is it hot? Encourage your students to write independently by placing these tasks around the room for them to complete.

4. Amazing Aztecs

What is it? Presentations and worksheets for a scheme of work on the Aztecs

Who is it for? 7-8s

Why is it hot? It introduces key historical concepts in a clear and detailed way.

5. English plans

What is it? Long-term plans for England's new curriculum

Who is it for? 7-11s

Why is it hot? These clear and comprehensive checklists will ensure your lessons cover all the essential English skills.

6. Glasgow games

What is it? A blank map of the world on which students identify every country in the Commonwealth

Who is it for? 11-13s

Why is it hot? Channel excitement about the Commonwealth Games, which start in Glasgow on 23 July.

7. Suffragette mystery

What is it? Resources for a unit on the suffragettes

Who is it for? 11-13s

Why is it hot? Students investigate why Emily Davison ran in front of King George V's racehorse in 1913.

8. Gallic grub

What is it? A French activity booklet about food

Who is it for? 11-13s

Why is it hot? These varied activities can be completed in class or as holiday homework.

9. Test tube

What is it? A well-designed chemistry revision poster that uses the London Underground map to highlight key terms and concepts

Who is it for? 14-16s

Why is it hot? A well-thought-out resource - there is even a template for travel cards, plus questions to test students.

10. Greek and unique

What is it? A set of resources to introduce ancient Greek figures who are key to the philosophy of religion

Who is it for? 16-18s

Why is it hot? It takes a light-hearted approach, with titles such as "Mr Plato, meet Mr Aristotle" and "Plato's got form".

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