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A project that appeals to young people's idealism as well as to their regard for new technology is being organised by Oasis and Compassion UK, two enterprising Christian charities. Junctionradio.com is a website which will enable secondary students to set up their own "radio stations" on the web, while raising money for and awareness of the educational needs of their contemporaries in developing countries. They are invited to put together programmes which will be broadcast using streaming audio over the Internet in December. Advice on the issues involved and how to compile a programme is on the website, where you can also register with the project.

Information from Phillippa Berry, junctionradio.com, 115 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0AX. Tel: 020 7450 9080 Website: www.junctionradio.com Survival International, an organisation supporting tribal peoples, has produced an excellent education pack for children between the ages of eight and 12. We, the World can contribute to the citizenship curriculum as well as to more traditional subjects. It focuses on the lives of three children - from the rainforests of Brazil and northern Congo and from arctic Siberia - and invites understanding and empathy. There are full colour A3 posters, a wall map of the world, four "letters" from each child and activities based on tribal vocabularies. Though the notes elucidate global problems, they also encourage pupils to contribute to solving them.

Copies of We, the World are available free within theUK (send pound;1 for postage on more than two copies) from Survival International, 11-15 Emerald Street, London WC1N 3QL.Tel: 020 7242 1441. Website: www.survival-international.org Football frenzy, fanned by Euro2000, can also be put to use to score goals for the homeless. Strip 4 Shelter is soccer's biggest fundraising event, and last year it raised pound;250,000. On Friday September 22, adults who wear their team's colours to work will pay pound;2 directly to Shelter; children who come to school in their chosen strip pay pound;1. The scheme, supported by Kevin Keegan and the Football League, also offers a resource pack for teachers. There are ideas for running football events and for encouraging sports writing in a Reporter of the Year competition.

To order a pack or register for Strip 4 Shelter, call 020 7505 4699 or visit the website at www.strip4shelter.org.uk Hodder Children's Books, publishers of the Animal Ark series, joins the RSPCA in making the third Young Animal Carer of the Year award for under-16s who have shown consistent responsibility on behalf of animals in their community. For the winner, who may have tended a neighbour's dog, helped at a local animal centre or campaigned for animal rights, there's a holiday for two in Florida. For their school, there's a computer and pound;1,000-worth of children's books.

The closing date is August 31. Leaflets with entry details are available from Young Animal Carer of the Year Award, Hodder Children's Books, 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BH.

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