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Millions of primary school children get their own breakfast every day, and many prepare their evening meal. Yet their knowledge about food hygiene is dangerously patchy. The Health Education Authority has produced a bright and substantial pack full of the adventures of Safe-T and the H Squad which it is about to send free to primary schools. These cover the vital areas of understanding bacteria, keeping hands clean, storing and handling food, using food in public places and washing up. There are posters, activities to be done at home and at school, a handwashing rap and a board game. Children will learn what pathogens are, why not to feed and pet the cat while stirring the casserole, and much more.

The Adventures of Safe-T and the H Squad teaching pack is to be sent to primary schools. For more information, visit the website: TD School students anticipating a range of creative futures will find Creative Futures - a new guide to courses and careers in art, craft and design - very useful. So will their teachers, whose own experiences will need supplementing as more forms of study become available; and their parents, who can be assured that there are opportunities beyond the sometimes narrow boundaries of fine art. In 160 pages there is much solid advice on how to choose and apply for courses, and how to explore options and specialisms. Case studies, recommendations on hw to find and appraise job advertisements and to develop confidence as afreelance will encourage those already advanced downthe creative road.

Creative Futures costs pound;15 (incl. pamp;p) from The Publications Department, National Society for Education in Art and Design, The Gatehouse, Corsham Court, Corsham, Wilts SN13 0BZ. Tel: 01249 714825. Fax: 01249 716138 TD The shortlist for the Children's Book Award 2000, organised by the Federation of Children's Book Groups, would make a good basis for an Easter reading project. About 20,000 schoolchildren have already helped to compile the shortlist of 10 fiction titles in three age groups covering primary and secondary. Schools who would like to join in for the final stage should apply now to The Children's Book Award, The Old Malt House, Aldbourne, Marlborough, Wilts SN8 2DW. The Federation will supply a poster, reviewing forms (which must be returned by May 15) and judging criteria - but not the shortlisted books, which are mostly by staple school library favourites (including Colin McNaughton, Michael Morpurgo, J K Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson). For details of the Federation's next project, Share a Story Month, set to run throughout May, contact Pat Tate on 0121 247 8637. The Federation also has a web site, GB Contributions by Tom Deveson and Geraldine Brennan A good balance: Advanced Geography is strikingly non-Eurocentric

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