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What's on offer

When we published a survey of the perks for newly qualified teachers last April, we were surprised at how useful you found it. This year, 40 per cent more local education authorities have organised incentives to attract you: from help with housing to travel discounts. Helping you with your career has been at the top of the list for many LEAs: 21 mentioned professional development last April; now 70 have included it on their lists, many of them offering grants and accreditation of your induction programme towards an MA.

For most new teachers in the South-east, housing is a top priority - and a big problem. Many LEAs, particularly in London, are offering loans, and links with housing associations. Not so in the North, where on a new teacher's salary you can rent or buy decent housing much more easily.

If your LEA of choice isn't on this list, it's still worth asking any school if they have any offer to make. Help with moving or interview expenses and recruitment and retention points can be at the discretion of individual schools.

Ask about early start salaries too. Most LEAs say that schools encourage you to start working at the end of the summer term. This way, you get paid straight away so that your first taste of being a teacher is a long, languid, paid summer holiday.

We've worked hard to ensure the information in this table is correct. If you want to add anything, or change anything, let us know.

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