What's on Teachers' TV in 2006

* Teachers' do-it-yourself videos: a wide range of educational programmes filmed entirely by teachers.

* England's General Teaching Council to offer teachers continuing professional development accreditation for watching the channel's programmes.

* Advertising and programme sponsorship to be piloted. These are likely to be introduced more fully later, which could help to reduce the cost of the channel to the taxpayer.

* New series including The Pupils' Panel, in which students watch a video of a lesson they attended and offer their criticism of it.

* More than 40 hours of 4Learning programmes for pupils to be made available for free download so that teachers can project them on to electronic whiteboards.

* DVDs of all the channel's series to be made available to buy.

* International co-productions to be developed. These will give more insight into teaching in other countries.

* Directors of the channel likely to find out whether the Government will agree to continued funding of the project in 2008.

How to view

* Pupils, parents and teachers can log on to the BBC Jam site at http:jam.bbc.co.uk

* Activities are available now in: maths and English for five to seven-year-olds; geography for seven to 11-year-olds; French for 11 to 14-year-olds; and business studies for 14 to 16-year-olds.

* The website can be viewed using a dial-up modem, but is designed to be used with a broadband connection. Also, to use it computers need Flash player, which can be downloaded free.

* Users must choose a unique user name and password. Remind pupils not to use their real names and to keep a record of their user names.

* Users must pick the country they live in and their school year, but their listed age can be changed at any time.

* Teachers' notes are available online on many exercises to explain their relevence to the curriculum.

* Rival software suppliers are furious about the impact the free website may have on their sales. Schools are being encouraged to spend the pound;100 million of electronic learning credits (ELCs) they received this school year, and the pound;75m they will get from September, on materials supplied via the website: www.curriculumonline.gov.uk

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