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When did you last cross your child?;Letter

PLEASE would someone tell me what the role of a parent is. Is it just a biological function that stops at the moment after birth or are parents these days expected to take any responsibility at all for their offspring?

Perhaps my parents got it all wrong when they showed me the difference between right and wrong, took me to Sunday school and encouraged me to go to Brownies and Guides.

Perhaps they were a little bit over the top expecting me to respect my elders, treat other children kindly and at the end of the day go to bed at a reasonable time.

God forbid that parents should ever cross their children or deny them anything - leave that to the teachers. In fact while we're at it let's leave everything to the teachers. After all, we are going to have longer to do it in each day!

Elizabeth Baker, 9 West Drive, Tamworth, Staffordshire

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