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When does a leader become a bully?

As a senior lecturer at another Greater Manchester college I am in contact with staff at Manchester College of Arts and Technology (MANCAT) in both a professional and personal way.

Sadly, it is clear to anyone involved in further education in the Manchester area that there is something wrong with the way in which staff are treated and managed at MANCAT.

There is a fine line between "strong management" and bullying, which senior managers appear not to understand.

I find the sending of a letter signed by so many senior managers to The TES suspicious in itself, and it suggests to me a regime that has a certain management style.

There appears to be more importance attached to quoting outside bodies rather than the views and feelings of lecturing and non-teaching staff.

If such a letter had been sent by mainstream staff, it would have had more credibility, but if a letter arrives now it will just reinforce what many of us believe about the style of management at MANCAT.

M Coats

66 Rooley Moor Road,Rochdale

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