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When the going gets tough

There are so many things to worry and think about when you're starting a new job.

Maybe the kids won't like you. Perhaps the other NQTs in your school are more able. What if your head suddenly thinks that he or she should have given the job to someone else?

Don't worry. Starting out always seems to be much more daunting than the reality.

By now, you should have begun to settle into your school. The faces in the staffroom will be more familiar and you will be remembering pupils' names without having to look at the seating plan.

But there will be times when you need help and advice, and that's where we come in.

Over the coming year, TES Extra: New Teachers will provide you with tips and support to help you do your job, and hopefully become the best teacher you possibly can be.

Please let us know what ails and worries you, and what you want to read about. Our team of experts is on hand every month to dish out advice that is relevant to your particular needs.

In the meantime, remember that you're probably a lot better than you realise.

Good luck with your first year.

Dorothy Lepkowska: Editor

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