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When recession beats training

Middle-aged men, I have discovered, find it difficult to express our frustration at the standard of service in shops without being compared with Victor Meldrew. It seems, though, that we are not alone.

Most shoppers have found themselves in the same position and taken their business elsewhere according to an NOP survey.

Like most things in life, this a problem post-16 education reckons it can sort out. The Adult Learning Inspectorate says the answer lies in better staff training - something which, apparently, many employers feel they can't afford with the money they've got left over from the famously modest salaries they pay to shop staff.

The Ali points out that "good-quality training will have an impact on the bottom line".

My guess is that if retailers thought it was good business to serve customers properly, they would already be doing it.

Perhaps they are making enough money already.

I've no doubt workforce training could squeeze out some of this bad customer service. Although, a recession would do the job far more quickly.

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