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Where the axe will fall on budgets

A TES Scotland poll of the 32 new councils has revealed a pound;78 million cut in education spending.

The most savage cuts ever to hit education authorities were imposed this week, ranging from 1.5 per cent in Edinburgh to 10 per cent in rural Aberdeenshire. Cuts of around 3 per cent are the norm.

While councillors have largely protected classroom jobs at the expense of other services, as the Scottish Secretary demanded, it is now clear some posts will go. Around 30 schools are likely to be closed, and a range of support and non-statutory services will be cut back. Buildings will suffer as maintenance and repair budgets are slashed.


Education budget pound;85 million. Saving pound;5.8m, or 6.8 per cent. Total council spending cut 10.5 per cent.

pound;2.7m cut fromf property, repairs and maintenance and pound;300,000 from education department staffing, schools' per capita cut by 12 per cent, appraisal deferred along with the third phase of devolved management, school transport is back to two miles for primary pupils and three miles for secondary pupils. Hopes to raise pound;500,000 from inter-authority payments.


Education budget pound;107m. Saving pound;11.5m, or 10 per cent. Total council spending cut 10 per cent.

pound;1.2m for staff and curriculum development axed, outdoor education disappears, pound;1.9m cut in repairs budget, profiling and recording of achievement to cease with 15 secondary posts cut, non-exam swimming to go, talks with unions on staffing cuts.


Education budget pound;48m. Saving pound;1.68m, or 3.4 per cent. Total council spending cuts 8 per cent.

pound;117,000 cut from supplies and services, 18 per cent reduction in in-service, two-stage increases in school meal charges from 80p to pound;1 (primary) and 85p to pound;1.10 (secondary), per capita allocations to schools cut by 5 per cent, 10 per cent rise in school lets and music charges * ARGYLL AND BUTE

Education budget pound;47m. Saving pound;1.37m, or 2.9 per cent. Total council spending cuts 3.6 per cent.

pound;135,000 axed from pre-five provision, pound;180,000 saved by shedding three teachers and six central staff, pound;315,000 removed from school budgets, outdoor education cut and school let charges up.


Education budget pound;27m and savings of pound;800,000, or 3 per cent, but school services cut by only 1.5 per cent. Total council cut 7 per cent.

Closing one primary saving pound;50,000, increasing school meal charges pound;48,000, axing management and educational development posts pound;40,000 and cutting supply cover pound;25,000.


Education budget pound;65m (1 per cent held back to be reviewed after July 1). Saving pound;2m, or 2.96 per cent. Total council spending cuts 3.85 per cent.

Central administration costs cut, charges to be reviewed, "working assumption" that 27 primary and 17 secondary jobs will go through early retirement.


Education budget pound;67m. Savings pound;3m, or 4.7 per cent. Total council spending cuts 7 per cent.

pound;1m removed from property repairs, pound;900,000 earmarked from six school closures, pound;160,000 from reduced supply cover, foreign language assistants axed, technical and vocational education initiative to cease, upgrading of school computers delayed, devolved management schemes in primaries deferred by a year.


Education budget pound;55m. Savings pound;1.4m, or 2.6 per cent. Total council spending cuts 3 per cent Eight teaching posts to go from schools in deprived areas to save pound;150,000, curriculum development and in-service training cut by pound;165,000, up to five schools to close realising pound;100,000, Glaisnock outdoor education centre axed to save pound;100,000, parental charges of pound;90,000 for pre-five education.


Education budget pound;49m. Savings pound;1.5m, or 3 per cent. Total council spending cut by 8 per cent.

pound;600,000 from repairs and maintenance, pound;200,000 from devolved management, and pound;200,000 from not filling non-teaching vacancies. Vacant posts in the psychological and educational development service save pound;70,000 while school grounds maintenance loses pound;60,000. Charges for school meals and outdoor education rise by 10 per cent. But growth items of pound;20,000 each for pre-fives and school security.


Education budget pound;43m. Savings pound;1.245m, or 2.8 per cent. Total council spending cut 6 per cent.

pound;250,000 from repairs budget, pound;161,000 from non-filling of eight posts, school meal charges rising from pound;1 to pound;1.20, absence cover and bursaries cut by pound;220,000.


Education budget pound;155m. Savings pound;3.27m balanced by growth items (exam board fees, more pupils in schools) of pound;837,000; net cut of pound;2.4m, a 1.5 per cent decrease. Total council spending cut 5.4 per cent.

Cuts of pound;637,000 and pound;890,000 from devolved primary and secondary budgets, reversion to statutory three-mile limit for free home-to-school travel for the over-eights, two arts centres to close, increased charges for lets and evening classes as well as for adults attending school classes.


Education budget pound;63.8m. Savings pound;1.16m, or 1.7 per cent. Total council spending cut 4.7 per cent.

pound;250,000 axed from central administration, pound;69,000 from teachers' staff development, pound;102,000 travel and subsistence, and pound;220,000 from community education. School per capita cut by pound;60,000, or 5 per cent. School meal prices to rise.


Education budget pound;155m. Savings pound;4.3m, or 3 per cent. Total council spending cut by 5 per cent.

Major savings are in management and administration, training and supply cover but pound;900,000 to be raised by increasing school meal charges.


Education budget pound;291m. Savings pound;12m, or 3.9 per cent. Total council spending cut 6.8 per cent.

Sixteen primary and up to five secondaries to close along with Castle Toward and Achnamara outdoor centres and 12 community education centres, 191posts to be shed, 60p charge per pre-school session * HIGHLAND

Education budget around pound;110m but still to be fixed. Savings of pound;1.25m, or 2 per cent, but could rise. Total council spending cut by 10 per cent.

pound;250,000 from loss of 14 advisory posts, pound;140,000 cut from training, one psychologist post to go, other savings on school transport, energy and property.


Education budget pound;43m. Savings pound;1.5m, or 3.5 per cent. Total council spending cut 5 per cent.

Devolved school budgets cut by pound;300,000, central administration pruned by pound;170,000, pre-fives charges being examined, school meal prices to rise by 5 per cent above inflation, grants to voluntary organisations cut by 45 per cent.


Education budget pound;39.9m. Savings of pound;911,000, or 2.3 per cent. Total council spending cut by 8.3 per cent.

pound;200,000 saved on support service, pound;208,000 from secondary staffing, pound;53,000 from community education. Other cuts in school travel, outdoor education, grants to voluntary organisations, and grant to Edinburgh Festival. Staff appraisal postponed.


Education budget pound;42.9m. Savings pound;2.5m, or 6.2 per cent. Total council spending cut 8.5 per cent.

pound;400,000 cut from repairs and maintenance, advisory service savings of pound;150,000, swimming axed for all but primary 5 pupils saving pound;158,000, cut of pound;33,000 (33 per cent) in speechlanguage therapy, seeking pound;33,000 private sponsorship for language assistants, school transport cut.


Education budget pound;61.7m. Savings pound;1.2m, or 2 per cent. Total council spending cut 4.18 per cent.

pound;600,000 axed from administration, reductions in non-core teaching, outdoor education and in service training, school meals price to rise, community education cut.


Education budget pound;155.2m. Saving pound;3.4m, or 2 per cent. Total council spending cut not confirmed.

pound;500,000 axed from repairs and maintenance, absence cover cut by pound;650,000, pound;300,000 removed from special needs school transport, footwear and clothing grants cut by pound;300,000, music tuition charges introduced to save pound;200,000, cancelled delegated management beyond schools.


Education budget pound;15.6m. Savings pound;374,000, or 2.4 per cent. Total council spending cut 1.8 per cent.

Five teaching posts to go saving pound;140,000, one-pupil Graemsay primary to close saving pound;45,000, and education department restructured realising pound;58,000.


Education budget pound;75.5m. Savings pound;2.8m, or 3.5 per cent. Total council spending cut 4.3 per cent.

Close Merksworth High Technology Centre saving pound;278,500, pound;300,000 saved through delayed staff replacement, 5 per cent cut (pound;352,000) in delegated school budgets, outdoor education cut by pound;227,000, school meals up 10p.


Education budget pound;47.9m. Savings pound;2m, or 2 per cent. Total council spending cut 7 per cent.

pound;350,000 cut from devolved school management budgets, pound;200,000 cut from building repairs and maintenance, foreign language assistants axed, pound;244,000 cut from swimming provision, reductions of pound;190,000 in bursaries, cost of school meals up, cuts in school libraries.


Total education budget (includes leisure and recreation) pound;58.3m. Savings from education services pound;1.59m, or 2.7 per cent. Total council spending cut 3.1 per cent.

pound;150,000 cut from administration, pound;80,000 saved in early retirements, outdoor education cut by pound;157,000, school budgets cut by 1 per cent saving pound;285,000, community education cut by pound;50,000.


Education budget pound;130.5m. Savings pound;2.7m, or 2 per cent. Total council spending cut of 4 per cent.

Temporary non-filling of vacancies saves pound;800,000, pound;410,000 planned increase in school office staff shelved, pound;239,000 cut in support for devolved budgets, pound;159,000 for in-service staff temporarily removed, school meal charges to rise raising pound;190,000.


Education budget pound;38.959m. Savings pound;1.175m, or 3 per cent. Total council spending cut of 5.91 per cent.

Close two primary schools saving pound;42,000 and Riverside Arts Studio saving pound;29,000, save pound;348,550 through staff reorganisation and early retirement, pound;162,000 cut from school transport, school meals cut by pound;81,000.


Education budget pound;46.98m. Savings pound;1.9m, or 4 per cent. Total council spending cut 5.3 per cent.

Delegated school budgets cut by 2 per cent saving pound;680,000, Faifley primary to shut saving pound;100,000, community education cut by pound;150,000, pound;100,000 axed from central administration and pound;150,000 saved in early retirements, school meals up 10 per cent.


Education budget pound;77m. Savings pound;3.3m, or 4.4 per cent. Total council spending cut 10.5 per cent.

pound;950,000 from staff cuts and pound;300,000 through delayed staff replacement, 1 per cent cut in school budgets, pound;108,000 from 5p rise in school dinners, general efficiencies pound;100,000, community education cut by 10 per cent saving pound;477,000, outdoor education cut by pound;100,000.


Education budget pound;25m. Savings pound;528,000, or 2 per cent. Total council spending cut 2.6 per cent.

Ten jobs (five teachers) axed saving pound;350,000, staff travel and subsistence cut by 30 per cent (pound;28,000), 15 per cent cut in repairs and maintenance, 20 per cent cut in administration.

* East Lothian, Perthshire and Kinross and Shetland have still to finalise their budgets.

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