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Where East meets West

I was pleasantly surprised when your Jotter item (TESS, February 13) was brought to my attention.

It gave a clear indication of my disillusionment with the Scottish School Board Association after more than two years as a com-pany director and, latterly, an office bearer, company secretary, chair of the contracts and personnel group and a member of the press group.

I concur with all of the information that was contained within your item apart from the fact that I was the representative for East Dunbartonshire school boards, not West Dunbartonshire.

Perhaps I may take the opportunity at the SSBA's annual meeting at the Stirling conference centre tomorrow (Saturday) to correct this oversight with the president.

I am confident that, with the many hats he wears for the organisation, he will be able to instruct the office to correct its database.

Gino Satti Member of Lenzie primary school board and lay member HM inspectorate

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